Workshops & Classes 2017

There are still some weekends available, towards the end of the year. We are also now planning our schedule 2018. Please do not hestitate to contact us.

Saarbrücken, Germany, January 21-22 (Ladies Only Follow-Up)

Linz, Austria, February 9-12 (Tango Corazon)

Tango-Teacher-Training (module 3), February 16-19 (info english)

Tucson, USA, March 2-5 (Tucson Tango Festival)

Newport News, USA, March 10-12 (La Tangueria)

New York, USA, March 15-19 (Workshops + Demo)

Graz, Austria, March 31 - April 2 (Tango de Salon Graz)

Saarbrücken, Germany, April 21-23 (TTT & Bootcamp workshop)

Bristol, UK, April 29-30 (Ladies Only @ Tango West) (only Melina)

Rouen, France, April 29-39 (Quatro Tango) (only Detlef)

Bristol, UK, May 2 (Tango West)

Dartington, UK, May 5-7 (Abrazos Encuentro Milonguero, DJ & privates)

Tango-Teacher-Training (module 4), May 18-21 (info english)

Tallberg, Sweden, May 26-28 (Green Tango Tallberg, DJ & privates)

Sommières, France, June 7-11 (Tango-Intensive)

Saarbrücken, Germany, June 16-18 (Pequeña Festivalito Milonguero)

Passau, Germany, June 23-25 (Facebook Event)

Gütersloh, Germany, July 1-2 (Ladies Only @ La Guardilla)

Hamburg, Germany, July 7-9 (La Yumba in enger Umarmung)

Maxdorf, Germany (Facebook event)

Sommières, France, July 22-29 (Tango-Holiday)

Sommières, France, July 30 - August 6 (Tango-Holiday)

Verzej, Slovenia, August 24-27 (Festivalito Rural)

Oslo, Norway, September 2-3 (Ladies Only @ Tangoskolen)

DJ-Workshop, September 16-17 (mail us)

Basel, Switzerland, September 23-24 (Tango de Salon Basel, Workshop)

Vilnius, Lithuania, September 30 - October 1 (Facebook event)

Saarbrücken, Germany, October 13-15 (FCA, private event)

Firenze, Italy, October 20-22 (Tango Sognato)

Basel, Switzerland, November 12 (Tango de Salon Basel, Class)

Basel, Switzerland, December 3 (Tango de Salon Basel, Class)

Munich, Germany, December 28-31 (New Year Festivalito)


Workshops & Classes 2018


Basel, Switzerland, January 14 (Tango de Salon Basel, Class)

Linz, Austria, January 18-21 (Tango Corazon)

Boise, USA, February 2-4 (Tango Boise)

Newport News, USA, February 9-11 (La Tangueria)

Philadelphia, USA, February 16-18 (PDF)

Austin, USA, February 23-25 (Tango Tribe)