Tango Intensives & Holidays

@ Mas de Mestre in Sommières/Villevieille, France

Tango-intensives and -holidays are a perfect blend of vacation and tango. Apart from the daily lessons, centre stage goes to enjoying the wonderful ambience of the surroundings, the relaxed socialising within the group and the evening´s dance after a fine meal. This is a perfect setting for an unforgettable tango experience. The "intensives" focus on work, the "holidays" allow for more time to relax.

The enchanting Mas de Mestre is set in a picturesque garden, close to the small medieval town of Sommières and near to Nîmes and Montpellier. It is in comfortable driving distance to many interesting historical sites and the sea. The Mas de Mestre has been renovated tastefully, combining traditional style with modern art. Check out the website.

Please note: The Mas de Mestre is no hotel, but a Gîte, a guest house typical for rural France. There is no daily cleaning of the rooms or changing of towels. Furthermore, the normal double rooms are equipped variably: Some have a private bathroom, whilst others share a bath with one other room but have an additional sitting-room-area.

In 2019, we offer two different formats:
1 Tango-Intensive and 2 Tango-Holidays. The Tango-Intensive offers 16 hours of teaching and full pension in 4 days, whereas the Tango-Holidays boast more free time with "only" 20 hours in 7 days, half pension and a free day in which you can explore the region or hang out at the pool.
So what will it be? Holiday time or intensive learning?

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Tango Intensive - June 4-8, 2019

Change role: rhythmic moves for tango + milonga
After some work on the very basics of communication in tango, we are going to explore rhymic variation in old tangos and milonga and apply them in simple movements for crowded floors. Our goal is to synchronise our movements with the partner and with the music in order to navigate freely on the dance floor. 
The special characteristic of the seminar: we invite you to change roles in order to experience both sides of the interaction.
In our opinion, the understanding of both roles is paramount to the development as a sensitive leader as well as an active follower. But even more: we want to encourage you to actually use both roles on the social dance floor. It will be fun and challenging alike!
This class is suited for everyone with a good foundation. We invite regular dance-couples who want to experience a role change as well as same-sex dance-couples or single dancers. We are not only going to change roles, but also partners in order to better your communicative skills.

There will be 16 hours of classes, 4,5 hours per full day (Wednesday - Friday) and one shorter unit on the day of departure.
We have arranged for full board: a tasty breakfast, a simple meal at noon and a 3-course dinner in the evening. Our cook will surprise us with a regional, tasty cuisine.
In the evenings, we will either dance at the Mas de Mestre or visit Milongas in Nîmes and Montpellier.

Bookings & price (per person):
• Regular double room: 720€
• Additional fee for stay in single room or in the apartment for two: + 72€
• Discount for the smallest room (private bath, but no private wc): - 40€
The price includes 4 overnights, 4 breakfasts, 8 meals, 16 hours of teaching as well as practicas/milongas at the Mas de Mestre. The number of participants is limited to 24.
Please book directly with us. If you are a single participant, please be open to sharing a room as the number of rooms at the MdM is limited.


Tango Holidays - June 9-16 and August 3-10, 2019

Workshop contents:
During all our seminars, we rather work on the quality of the embrace, the communication in the couple and on musicality, rather than steps. Depending on the groups' wishes and requirements, your movement-repertoire will be addressed in ways that enhance your improvisational skills on social dance floors. In 2019, we will offer two groups for dancers, who have already worked with us.

June, 9-16: For connoisseurs (English)
Seminar for advanced dancers or those who have already worked with us and are comfortable with our musical and technical concepts. We will determine the exact content in exchange with the participants registered. Language of communication will be English. Please register as a couple.

August, 3-10: Pour connaisseurs et connaisseuses / Für KennerInnen (Français + Deutsch)
Séminaire pour danseurs/danseuses avancé(e)s et ceux qui ont déjà travaillé avec nous et qui connaissent nos bases techniques et musicales. Le contenu du stage va être déterminé ensemble avec les participants. Langues d'enseignement: Français et Allemand. Enregistrez-vous en couple s.v.p.
Seminar für fortgeschrittene Tänzer/innen und jene, die schon mit uns gearbeitet haben und unsere technische und musikalische Basis kennen. Die genauen Inhalte werden im Austausch mit den Teilnehmenden erarbeitet. Unterrichtssprachen sind Französisch und Deutsch. Bitte im Paar anmelden.

Program for both groups:
There will be 20 hours of classes, 4 hours per day, either starting in the late morning or afternoon. One day of the week is free. Therefore you've got enough time to visit the surroundings, take a stroll in Sommières or spend some quality time at the pool.
Once a day, we‘ll share a nice meal: our cook will be serving regional, tasty dishes. And in the evening, the dancing starts anew: either at Mas de Mestre or at the Milongas in Nîmes and Montpellier.

Bookings & price (per person):
• Regular double room: 920€
• Additional fee for stay in single room or in the apartment for two: + 126€
• Discount for the smallest room (private bath, but no private wc): - 70€
The price includes 7 overnights, 7 breakfasts, 6 meals, 20 hours of teaching as well as practicas/milongas at the Mas de Mestre. Please book with a partner. The number of participants is limited to 12 dance-couples.
Please book directly with us.