Melina Sedó & Detlef Engel

... teach, dance and promote argentine tango worldwide.

Stylistically, they are at home in the traditional tango de salón *, as it is danced in Buenos Aires and which they interpret in a very personal and modern way. Their dance captivates through its intimate embrace, playful musicality and an almost puristic elegance: a harmonic interplay of two equal partners without cliché or superficial effect. Thus, their tango is newly created in every single moment, and does not just express the music, but genuine feeling.

At the core of their lessons, which are always geared towards improvisational capability, are intensive body work and analysis of tango´s structures. But „technical“ understanding is just a means to concentrate better on the essential: developing one´s own style and relishing the embrace in unison with the music.

Detlef and Melina started teaching tango in 2001. They live in Saarbruecken (Germany) in direct vicinity to France and Luxembourg, but have mostly been traveling since 2006. Their dedication, professionalism and unique teaching concept have set standards wherever they visit. Melina and Detlef teach and perform internationally wherever people want to tango with sense and sensitivity.

Melina and Detlef have been organising tango events since 2001, mostly in their home region, but also by supporting others in their activities all over Europe. In 2004, they co-founded the Tangokombinat that offers highest quality events for close-embrace dancers. By these activities, Detlef and Melina have contributed immensely to the development of Encuentros and Festivalitos Milonueros. Their Tango is truly international!


* Detlef and Melina understand "Tango de Salón" in the original sense as social tango, in contrast to "Tango Escenario" - stage Tango. This generic term does not yet refer to a special style (e.g. "Villa Urquiza" or "Tango Milonguero") as it is done in recent years by those who propagate uniformity. One can say, that there are as many styles as there are Milongueros